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U.S. Government donates security equipment to Yemen Customs Authority

On February 28, 2013, the U.S. Government provided new border security equipment valued at more than $175,000 to the Yemen Customs Authority.  The delivery, coordinated by the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a and in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Yemen, is part of the U.S. Government’s Export Control and Border Security (EXBS) security assistance program.  The new equipment, which will be installed at Yemen’s ports of entry and border posts, will enhance the security capabilities of Yemen Customs Authority officials in detecting explosives and radiological materials.  The delivery is a part of the U.S. Embassy’s EXBS program which supports the Government of Yemen by offering training as well as border security-related equipment. 

The EXBS program is the United States Government’s premier foreign assistance initiative that assists international partners in improving their export control systems.  The EXBS program is led and funded by the Department of State’s Bureau of Nonproliferation, Office of Export Control Cooperation, and draws on interagency expertise from the Departments of State, Homeland Security, Commerce, Energy, and Defense as well as the private sector to provide a range of legal, licensing, and enforcement training and equipment.   The EXBS program has helped countries around the world improve their ability to prevent and interdict shipments of dangerous items and technologies by providing a wide variety of practical assistance tailored to each country’s individual needs.