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TechGirls Program

Program Description: 

The U.S. Embassy in Sana’a is pleased to announce the Techgirls Program. TechGirls is an international exchange program designed to empower young girls from the Middle East and North Africa to pursue careers in science and technology.

The program provides approximately 27 teenage girls, ages 15-17, from select countries in the Middle East and North Africa the opportunity to travel to the United States in summer 2015 for a month-long U.S.-based exchange focused on promoting high-level study of technology.  Program activities will include hands-on classes, labs, individual or team-based project design and development, mentoring experiences, job shadowing, site visits to high tech companies, and opportunities for interaction with American peers.  

TechGirls return home with the knowledge, skills, new ideas and enthusiasm to make a positive impact on their schools and communities through achievable action projects using technology.  TechGirls will work on action plans in the United States and refine their plans upon return home.

The goals of the TechGirls program are to: 

 1) Provide a program of academic study of applied technology for girls who already have a demonstrated aptitude and strong interest in the subject; 

2) Empower girls to pursue higher education and careers in technology; 

3) Link peers who share interests and abilities; 

4) Develop the leadership skills of the participants; 

5) Promote mutual understanding among the peoples of the United States and the countries and territories of the Middle East and North Africa.

Candidate Description and Qualifications

Candidates must:

  1. Be between the ages of 15 and 17;
  2. Have demonstrated advanced skills and a serious interest in technology, engineering, and/or math in their academic studies;
  3. Intend to pursue higher education and careers in technology;
  4. Have strong English language skills, including excellent conversational skills and listening comprehension skills;
  5. Be excited about learning;
  6. Exhibit maturity, flexibility, and open-mindedness;
  7. Will attend at least one more semester of secondary school upon their return to their home country;
  8. Are willing to complete a follow-on project upon their return home; and

Please note that a Flight chaperone will be available to help escort the girls during the course of travel to the US.

Instructions for completing this application:
Please fill out the application in English as completely as possible. The information you provide on this application will provide the basis for selecting semi-finalists for this program. 
  1. All sections of this application must be filled out accurately and completely.  Missing information will delay or prevent consideration of your application.
  2. All applications forms and references should be typed, if possible.
  3. All sections requiring a signature must be signed.
  4. IMPORTANT: Please submit application materials (application form and essays) as one file, either in PDF or MS Word. Please do not scan in individual pages and attach them as individual documents. 
Applications are ONLY accepted via emails to

The deadline for applications is Wednesday February 11, 2015.

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