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U.S. Embassy Statement on Political Violence in Yemen

May 03, 2009

The United States Embassy in Sana'a views with concern reports of increasing incidences of political violence in southern regions of Yemen. The United States supports a stable, unified, and democratic Yemen. The United States was one of the first countries to recognize the newly unified Yemen in 1990. 

During the 1994 Civil War, the United States was a strong supporter of Yemen's unity and called for a cease-fire and negotiations between the opposing sides.

The United States believes that Yemen’s unity depends on its ability to guarantee every citizen equal treatment under the law, and the opportunity to participate fully in the political and economic life of the nation.

We call on the Yemeni Government, the political parties, civil society organizations and all concerned citizens of Yemen to engage in dialogue to identify and address legitimate grievances. Violence will not/not resolve these issues, and only serves the interests of those who wish to deepen divisions and destabilize Yemen.