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USAID Acting Assistant Administrator for Middle East Alina Romanowski Visits Yemen

June 20, 2013

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Acting Assistant Administrator for Middle East Alina Romanowski visited Yemen June 18 - 20 reaffirming USAID’s commitment to Development and Humanitarian efforts in Yemen. Funding will continue addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of the Yemeni people and help lay the foundation for a unified, stable, democratic, and prosperous Yemen through programs focused on economic, political, educational, health and civic engagement.

During her visit, Acting Assistant Administrator Romanowski met with Republic of Yemen government (RoYG) representatives, along with Yemen’s partners and friends. She congratulated the members of the National Dialogue on the continued progress Yemen is making. “Here we see Yemenis from all elements of society in a participatory and peaceful dialogue on issues of extreme importance to their countrymen and women, that is unique in the Arab world,” said Ms. Romanowski. “We commend the Yemenis for this.” While recognizing the progress Yemen has made, Ms. Romanowski also encouraged the Yemeni government to continue making the reforms laid out in the Mutual Accountability Framework. Though the reforms will be difficult, they will lay the groundwork to enable Yemen to become more stable, prosperous, and secure.

Acting Assistant Administrator Romanowski also met with representatives of Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health. USAID continues its partnership with Ministry officials by providing assistance to help the Ministry improve its maternal and child health care services and family planning health services.

Ms. Romanowski highlighted U.S. investment in Yemen during its ongoing political transition and the U.S. role in working with the RoYG to help address both the immediate humanitarian needs and the long-term development challenges it faces. This year’s continued developmental and humanitarian assistance demonstrates the United States' ongoing commitment to a comprehensive and enduring partnership with the Yemeni people.

During Acting Assistant Administrator Romanowski’s visit, she also met with local civil society and women’s groups, international donors, and humanitarian and development organizations.

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